Strategic Consulting Partners

Our strategic consultants have been consulting and assisting organisations with strategy, change management and people development for decades. We offer consultation for organisations to prepare for the future and help them to cultivate organisational cultures, systems and processes that support the vision. Our approach allows for organisational leaders to manage and focus on their company's performance, yet continuously work on developing and growing their impact.

Strategic Planning

Our method has been to facilitate the strategic workshops with organisations and equip them to roll out the plans through focus implementation processes cascaded down throughout the organisation. We utilise modern techniques, processes and tools for developing the engaging plans.


Change Management

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional." - John Maxwell. We help organisations through change processes that enable their organisations' future. Understanding change and the impact of it is the basis of an effective change cycle. Change needs to be embraced before it is implemented.

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People Development

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." - Peter Drucker. An organisational strategy is only as good as the people that execute it. For effective implementation of change, one needs not only strategic thinkers, but an organisational culture to be the foundation on which the organisation can build its strategy.

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You are not alone

We have consulted for world-renowned organisations.

We welcome every new client with lots of generosity and genuine interest to build long-term relationships that provide successful engagement.

Career Accelerator

Groundflr started as a management consulting firm, however, through popular demand, we developed a state of the art hybrid career accelerator. These modules on the fundamentals of leadership have helped thousands of executives and management leaders to develop their careers.

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