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Groundflr partners with higher education institutions, corporates and NGOs to create digital learning experiences that are engaging and future proof. We design and develop micro-credentials, short courses and qualifications across various educational verticals.

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Learning Design Process

Needs Analysis

The starting point of each successful project is to understand the needs of the organisation and the learners for the content and system. These workshops explore and include all variables that impact the learning for the student and organisation.


The objective and outcomes of the course create the framework for successful development of the learning content. The blueprint aligns the structure of the content to the objective of the course. This tells you exactly what the content will look like.


Based on the analysis and blueprint, the course will need to be designed for your learning environment. Either by using an authoring tool or creating it natively, the learning designers will create and design your course based on your needs.

Creating solid education

At Groundflr, we pride ourselves on our understanding of creating and designing education – both online and facilitated – for the institution and students. Our strengths include:

Instructional Design
LMS Agnostic
Curriculum Design
Storyline Articulate
Scenario-Based Learning
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All engaging and interactive education includes production. Supportive graphics, infographics, podcasts, audio and video aid learners in absorbing and remembering the content. These content pieces need to be produced at the highest standard to capture the learner's attention. Whether it's a film shoot, photoshoot or podcast, the level of professional emphasis within your production determines the standard. There are simple and cost-effective methods as well as complex and comprehensive methods to produce content.

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