Managing Director

Michael Ouwerkerk

Michael is the co-founder of Groundflr and facilitates strategic planning, leadership development and change management.


Michael, also known as Mike, is one of the co-founders and is the Managing Director of Groundflr. He keeps his finger on the pulse of everything Groundflr. Part of his role is consulting to other organisations on strategy, leadership and change management.


Michael originally studied Physiotherapy in the Netherlands, but fell in love with coaching & development. With a keen interest in life-skills, Michael started to a non-profit organisation, which blossomed into career and job coaching. While co-founding Groundflr, Michael has assisted many organisations with their strategy and organisational effectiveness and continues to sharpen organisational cultures outside of just Groundflr.

From universities, to food and beverages companies, to retailers, to banks, Michael keeps organisations and their leaders thinking about the future of their customers, clients and consumers. According to him, education is the key to unlocking the potential of the future talent, but their brain is the lock. Matching the key to the lock is the magic.

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